Notice To Customers

Fall open storage space is limited. If you are planning to store grain, please call and make arrangements in advance.

Storage rates for corn, soybeans and wheat are 150 thousandths of a cent per bushel per day. Handling rates are 20 cents per bushel for all grains that are removed from the elevator. All grain sold to the elevator will not be charged a handling fee. Grain sold to the elevator within 30 days of delivery will not incur any storage fees. However, grain stored longer than 30 days will begin accruing storage from the date of delivery until the time of sale. There will be a minimum storage fee of $.18/bushel for 4 months of storage. Grain can be sold at any time, but the minimum fee will apply unless storage is longer than 120 days in which the case the normal daily storage of $.0015/bushel/day for both corn and soybeans will apply.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our toll free number is 877 275-3565 or e-mail